始于1906 年來自德國的 BECK 專注于鉸刀锪鉆領域是世界頂級精密鉸刀加工生產商。 BECK 擁有百多年生產經驗與最先進生產設備其產品涵蓋硬質合金,高速鋼,PCD,PCBN 等材料高性能鉸刀以加工高效率而被加工行業普遍使用。

Founded in 1906 by Beck as a mechanical workshop for fixed tools, BECK in Winterlingen Germany is today the specialist for the precision machining of bores with multi-bladed reamers. Countersinking tools complete the range. With this portfolio, our many years of experience and our special known-how, we have made a name for ourselves worldwide. Today BECK stands for the high quality and the precision of its products.

  • 整體硬質合金鉸刀
  • 高速鋼鉸刀
  • 可換頭鉸刀
  • 倒角刀
  • Solid carbide reamers
  • HSS reamers
  • Replaceable head reamers
  • Countersinks