超過 25 年 DIAHON 公司專業提供珩磨工具,應用在汽車工業、液力機械工業、航空航天工業和國防工業中。 2006 年 DIAHON 公司在市場上推出用于 CNC 加工中心珩磨工具系統。 這種技術使客戶不用珩磨機就可完成CNC珩磨加工。

For more than 25 years DIAHON is supplying honing tools, metal bond CBN and diamond hones (super abrasives), fixtures and other accessories for honing operations.? DIAHON tools and super abrasives are used in the automotive industry and their suppliers, in the hydraulic and aerospace industry and in the defence industry.? In 2006 DIAHON successfully introduced the newly developed honing tool systems for standard machining centers in the market .

  • 加工中心機珩磨加工
  • 珩磨機珩磨加工
  • 珩磨頭
  • 珩磨條
  • Honing on CNC machining center
  • Honing on honing machine
  • Honing heads
  • Honing stones