德國ECOROLL公司致力于為高要求的金屬表面加工提供解決方案。我們的成功及創新能力是基于我們的客戶,大學及研究機構的密切溝通交流。從1969年開始, ECOROLL一直致力于設計制造以客戶為中心的滾光, 深滾壓及管套加工的工具及設備。

For decades ECOROLL offers solutions for processing and finishing metal surfaces which meet high surface quliaty demands.? Our success and innovative power is based upon close cooperation with our customers, universities and research establishments.? Since 1969, ECOROLL′s employees design and produce customer-oriented tools and machines for roller burnishing, deep rolling and machining cylinders in Celle, Germany.

  • 滾光工藝
  • 深滾壓工藝
  • 刮削工藝
  • Roller burnishing
  • Deep rolling
  • Skiving