成立于 1939 年的威漢是生產專業手動工具的世界領先的制造商之一,公司獲得的許多獎項代表了其在功能、設計和質量方面的標準設置。 2015 年,威漢成為全世界第一家獲得國際承認的 AGR 獎的手動工具制造商,確認了人體工程學應用在其螺絲刀和鉗子手柄的效果和好處。除了這些人體工程學的高標準之外,其創新范圍也提供了增值,使用者在日常工作中可以提高效率和功能。

Wiha is one of the world′s leading manufacturers of hand tools for professional use in trade and industry.? Founded over 80 years ago as a small family run business, today, Wiha is a globally active company, still owner-operated by the Hahn family.? Wiha seeks to make daily life much easier for users with a product assortment of innovative hand tool solutions geared towards user needs.? This is why Wiha develops, designs and manufactures products that meet the strictest requirements for quality, functionality, durability and ergonomic design.? As a trusted, strategic partner of specialist retailers, Wiha offers a wide range of quality products for the professional segment.